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Our Products

“perfection” in the “imperfect”

 COLLEZIONE DAVIDE is manufactured so that the market is not oversaturated with our products.  From artisans in Africa, Morocco, Pakistan, and Mexico to factories in Turkey, Southeast Asia and India, our goal is to provide you with the better of both two worlds. One world gives us the unmatched creativity and authenticity that can only come from real cultures and civilizations, as their way of life. The other allows us to produce products at high levels of consistency, quantity, as well as the competitive prices that meet the demands of our valued customers.       

The end result is allowing you, the customer, and the privilege of enjoying semi-exclusive merchandise. The majority of our garments are hand crafted. For this reason each piece is unique to the brand.  Colors and hue variances in fabrics, textural changes in knitted and woven yarns, even the selection and placement of our branded labels, all lead to creating a product that is uniquely your own.  No two garments are exactly alike. Think of it as Davide’s way of accepting “perfection” in the “imperfect,” and celebrating the features that differentiate each item from the next.