Company Profile

Amplify the voices of the unheard through art, design and style.

While apparel is our primary offering, the Collezione initiative is to diversify our product range with lifestyle and home furnishings as well as personal care products.  

Our goal is to continually maintain consistency in introducing ethnically unique products to the world. While we welcome growth, and the proliferation of our brand, our focus will be on maintaining authenticity in our designs; while making them available in limited quantities for our consumers.

We feel that the strength of our Collezione brand lies in word of mouth, in direct social interaction and in producing quality products. These products must speak to your sensibilities as a consumer. We design them to interpret your voice and reflect your ideals.  For this reason some of our designs may be viewed as subversive or controversial. We stand behind our brand and also behind our messages. We feel that our products speak on behalf of millions of people worldwide. We are simply the vehicle and vessel to bring that to the world.

And while we love what we do, we don’t expect everyone to feel the same way. Wherever possible we will put Earth first, melded with cultural celebration and sensitivity. This will be reflected in every product that we manufacture. Our goal is to put people around the world to work and to enrich their lives as best we can through commerce.



To be the premier, multi-culturally inspired, lifestyle brand on the planet.


Amplify the voices of the unheard through art, design and style.